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Foodjoy Chilli Pork-Crackle is a very tasty pork snack. It's loaded with a very high level of protein, and is low in carbohydrates. Made from selected pork rind, prepared in our secret way, Chilli Pork-Crackle is so delicious that it's really hard to resist.

So come on, lets
Crack n Enjoy
Here, there and everywhere. Any time, and on any occasion.

Net Weight:50g




Pork rind (95%), blended cooking oil [contains soya bean oil, anti-oxidant (307b), anti-foam (900a)], seasoning [thickener (1400), salt, spice and spice extracts, dehydrated vegetables, flavour enhancer (621), sugar, maltodextrin (maize), anti-caking agent (551), mineral salt (341), vegetable oil].

Nutrition Information

Servings per package:2 Serving size:25g



          Average per Serving          

          Average per 100g          


595 kJ

2380 kJ


13.5 g

53.9 g



- Total

9.6 g

38.6 g

- Saturated

2.4 g

9.5 g



- Total

<0.6 g

<2.3 g

- Sugars

<0.2 g

<0.7 g


339 mg

1360 mg

Pork Crackle Chilli 50g

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