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Foodjoy Original Meaty Porky is a very tasty meat snack. It's a unique food that is gluten free and contains no carbohydrates. Made from selected pork rind, prepared in our secret way, Original Meaty Porky is so delicious that it's really hard to resist.

So come on, TRY & ENJOY!

Net Weight: 68g



Nutrition Information

Servings per package:2 Serving size:34g



          Average per Serving          

          Average per 100g          


724 kJ

2130 kJ


11.5 g

33.8 g



- Total

14.3 g

42.0 g

- Saturated

5.5 g

16.3 g



- Total

<0 g

<0 g

- Sugars

<0 g

<0 g


1260 mg

3700 mg

Original Meaty Porky 68g

SKU: 9333229000096

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